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What is a visual story?

Let’s take a journey of discovery

A visual story is an interactive presentation that moves seamlessly between media. It is true multimedia storytelling.

It showcases your best images without overwhelming the text.

It captures your readers’ imaginations and keeps them reading.

It’s a new world of digital storytelling.

We know that your average web user has a short attention span, that readers are deterred by long paragraphs of text and too much scrolling. But you can’t communicate everything in bullet points or flash animations. To do a good story justice, you need to give it a bit more space.

And that’s where visual stories come in.

You can place paragraphs of text and photos, but by placing text across and around photos, you don’t break the flow. Everything moves seamlessly from one to the other.

Visual stories can include photos and video. Ambient video works particularly well. 

More and more media outlets are experimenting with visual storytelling online.

They’re discovering the benefits – more traffic, more reader engagement, and more shares through social media.

But it’s not been easy, or quick. A great visual story takes graphic design and programming expertise that’s beyond most marketing teams, and time and attention that doesn’t come cheap. 

With Story Glass, that’s all changed. We do the code.

You tell your story.

Are you ready to try something new?


Images and video by NASA

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